Private sector sophistication for nonprofit challenges

True North Strategic Advisors, LLC was founded with the concept of bringing sound advice and diverse corporate experience to small and medium-sized businesses. While True North was formed to specialize in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic restructuring projects, the principals recognize that the business and financial analysis skills that they bring to the table for their private sector clients can benefit nonprofit and faith-based organizations. The principals pledged internally to give back to the community they love by spending at least 10% of their work effort on nonprofit organizations at a discounted rate. The projects for nonprofit clients balance quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, strategic assessment and mission alignment.

With well over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, True North has expanded its commitment to local organizations by increasing the size, depth and experience of its NPO advisory team. True North is committed to providing the time, expertise and best practice resources to ensure the success and sustainability of local nonprofit organizations. The team at True North, consisting of four principals, five professional staff, and two NPO contractors, brings a diverse set of financial and strategic skills and experiences to every project. Work products for every client are reviewed by various members of the team, with each member contributing their special expertise. Project deliverables undergo a rigorous internal review process by the team before being presented to the client.

True North NPO brings private-sector experience and perspective to nonprofit organizational challenges.


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